Changemaker aims to erase the fundamental causes of global injustice. By giving youth options for action against injustice, we want to engage youth in the struggle for a just world.

Of course we can change the world!

Here you will find some information about what we work with, how we work,and our international cooperation. If you want to work with us, feel free to contact the contact person of the International Committee, knut@changemaker.no.

Changemaker is an organization for youth between 13 and 30 years old. Changemaker is the youth organization of the Norwegian Church Aid (NCA), one of Norway’s largest aid organizations. Changemaker is free to design campaigns, manage budgets and decide our own politics regardless of NCA’s policies.

We work on five thematic issues:

  • Peace
  • International trade
  • Global health
  • Debt and capital flight
  • Climate and environment

How we work

We work exclusively with advocacy, addressing decision-makers, in order to change the structures that creates and maintains global injustice. Behind Changemaker’s policy and campaigns you will find research and a thorough analysis. The work is based on a method that (we) popularly call the Changemaker-method. It can be summarized in three simple points:

  • Find the fundamental cause(s) of injustice and possible solutions
  • Identify the relevant decision-makers
  • Make creative campaigns to influence their decisions

We primarily address Norwegian decision-makers in our campaigns. When we want to change international practice, we both work to influence Norway’s international agenda and typically call upon Norwegian politicians to present our views in international forums.

The local groups play a large role in the creation and implementation of Changemaker’s campaigns. A successful campaign has a political message that can be understood both teens and respected by members of the Government

Our international cooperationChangemaker has an ambition to build a platform for cooperation of youth organizations within the ACT Alliance that can benefit from each other's strengths when necessary and together in fighting injustice through international campaigns or competence building. ACT stands for Action by Churches Together and is one of the world's largest international networks that work with relief, long-term assistance and decision-making.

Want to cooperate with us?

Send us an email at post@changemaker.no - looking forward to hear from you!